Pleasance Courtyard
11-13 August, 22.30

Scott MillsJust as a few glasses of Pinot Grigio have made Scott Mills do some things against his better judgement, here I am with a glass in hand, thinking of giving Scott Mills: the Musical five stars.

As we took our seats, my colleague, having been jostled by over-excited female fans, decried it “almost hysteria,” and it was. It was like being at a Radio 1: One Big Sunday, waiting for Blue to appear in 2002 (though more on that later).

The show had everything: the Hoff as narrator, projected god-like on to the back wall (to have him there in person in such a climate of frenzy – I shudder to think of the consequences!), Scott and Becky in a host of roles (Jo Whiley, Kylie, the Hoff…) all the crew, and even The Posh Lady From Radio Four and Anthony Costa (perhaps the girls were in on this all along) taking to the stage.

The songs will become, if not instant hits, certainly the stuff of radio legend, with numbers such as, ‘What Could Be Better Than This? Scott’s on the Air!’, ‘It’s Not Allowed’- lamenting the forbidden love between Rob the Boss and Becky, the heart-wrenching, ‘My Pinot Grigio’, and the one that got everyone on their feet; a Village People tribute called ‘R.A.D.I.O’.

The nation chose well in terms of the cast, who were superb in this surprisingly slick production.  With a hilarious script and immensely satisfying score, the captivating story of Scott’s climb to the top had the full spectrum of emotion, a gripping love triangle, Chappers’s dream to dance, and a little drag thrown in for good measure.

I don’t know whether it was the wine, the onset of mass hysteria, or the heat from basking in the glow of Mills’s tan for over an hour, but I’m giving it five stars.

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