Gilded Balloon @ Teviot
22-30 August (ex. 27) 20.30

Sean_Hughes-1Comedy veteran Sean Hughes delights his audience with a fresh new show that impresses all.

Fresh from battle at Helm’s Deep, the hobbit-like Hughes masterfully fuses a mixture of new jokes with seamless off the cuff audience interaction. Enjoying a bit of a rant about life in general, Hughes cleverly pulls material from all spheres of life. Even us young ones got most of his jokes (and if we didn’t, he kindly explained them to make it clearer and to give the oldies a laugh at the ignorance of the youth today). An air guitar sequence from nowhere was a real treat as we all surreptitiously laugh at him, knowing full well we all do it in front of the mirror!

Making scathing comments about his contemporaries and their soulless pursuits in the world of advertising, Hughes makes it quite clear that he is a comedians’ comic and he does it for the love of it rather than to get a new show on ITV 3 – a rare occurrence among the more famous Fringe comic performers.

You’ll need to get in quickly to catch Sean as he is doing a relatively short run this year. It’s a refreshingly original show that’s guaranteed to amuse.

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