As the audience wait for Sleeping Trees: Sci-Fi? to begin, the entertainment has already started, as the overture plays out, performed live on stage by the show’s two musicians. One on a drum kit, beating out energizing rock rhythms, while the other, manning keyboard and synthesizer, generates melodies with sounds evoking iconic retro Sci-Fi sound effects. Together they pump up the audience in anticipation.

Once Sleeping Trees take the stage, the wild ride begins. Sleeping Trees: Sci-Fi? follows Charlie Sprog, an ordinary light-hearted farmer with an extraordinary destiny, as he is taken on an intergalactic voyage to save the galaxy. Through absurdist humor and ironic use of the genre’s tropes and clichés, along with the comedic trio’s hyperbolic characterizations and physicality, Sci-Fi? is Fringe comedy light years ahead of its peers.

Sleeping Trees: Sci-Fi? is an exhilarating show that takes you on an otherworldly trip of never-ending bursts of tear-inducing laughter.

Words: Sara Vollen

Picture: Rosie Powell

Sleeping Trees: Sci-Fi?, Pleasance Courtyard, Aug 3-29, 5pm

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