6-31 August, 22.05

Snatch ParadiseThis is a show that satirises the lengths to which people will go in their quest for fame, and in doing so shows just how far performers will go to push the boundaries of the Fringe.

Van Badham’s production follows a very weak storyline, full of unnecessary nudity and lacking any depth. The plot revolves around ‘D-Star’, a boy-band phenomenon who looses his memory, and the attempts of his girlfriend and manager to exploit his accident as much as possible in the public eye.

Definitely one of the most obscene shows on offer this Fringe, it is not just the characters in the story but the actors themselves who end up looking more than a little ridiculous. The singing is perhaps the only strong aspect of the show, ending on a high with a great rendition of a song about sexuality and plastic surgery. Any message in the show seems to get lost amid the actors’ stronger desire to just shock the audience.

There are only four members of the cast and none of their characterisations go far beyond caricatures, and apart from a few funny gags, there is nothing memorable about this play (apart from the obvious nudity)!

Anyone choosing to see a show called ‘Snatch Paradise’ shouldn’t be expecting a great piece of theatre, but I hasten to add that even the “sexy” scenes are unsatisfying and clumsy.

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