Assembly @ Assembly Halls
11-31 August 14.50

Soweto Gospel ChoirIt is the sixth year for this African choir at the Fringe and it is becoming the show that should not be missed. Consisting of a mix of traditional Zulu and contemporary African gospel music, the hour-long show is flawless and perfect in pitch and pace.

You don’t need to be a churchgoer to enjoy these gospel tunes as it is much more about the music than the message. The singers are adorned in beautiful multi-coloured robes which match the vibrant energy from each and every singer involved. There was not one lazy note and not even a hint of tiredness throughout.

The show is made up of singing, drumming and African dancing solos and even some comedy thrown in the middle. The highlight of the show was a touching rendition of Edwin Hawkins arranged 18th century hymn ‘O Happy Day.’ The drumming, clapping, dancing and the astonishing soloists backed by the rest of the choir sent chills all over my body. My advice: go see this now before it becomes a sold out show every year. Even the most reluctant of audiences will be brought to their feet shouting for an encore.

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