Zoo @ 140 The Pleasance
24-29 August, 20.25

STAY!An examination of masochistic, co-dependent lesbian relationship, inspired by ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf’ and ‘Lassie Come Home’. What?!

I walked into the theatre to see one woman sitting atop another, both facing the audience, the one on top, her legs akimbo being forcibly fed glass after glass of water by the woman she sat on. All the while the repetitive sound of a dog barking provided the soundtrack. I steeled myself for the rest of the performance while trying to buoy my spirit with the thought that this is what the Fringe is all about.

What I got was 45 minutes of undoubtedly bizarre drama, that were incredibly funny at times, and immensely touching at others. Stay! is absurd but not to the point of alienating the audience, indeed, far from it. While the audience become spectators of the power struggle within a relationship punctuated heavily by the ‘Sit!’ ‘Stay!’ ‘Who did this?’ [Actress A points at the puddle on the floor, as Actress B cowers, ashamed of her mess], of a masochistic relationship, they also gain an intimate insight into a tenderness that belies the bravado.

It may sound bizarre in its premise. It may be bizarre in its execution, but this is one canny piece of drama that even the skeptics will enjoy.

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