C Venues 34
5-31 August, 15.15

SweetIf you’re looking for something a bit different, Sweet is a very entertaining production of… something a bit different. Award winning total theatre group, Chotto Ookii, return to the festival with their cynical anti-romcom, blending a mix of physical theatre, puppetry and comedy.

The facial expressions, mime and puppetry employed by the characters are brilliant, and in a world where romantic comedies continually celebrate romance and happy endings, Chotto Ookii breaks from the mould and presents this bitter tale of love. The set is very basic but effective, and the presence of a man who resembles a giant mad hatter assists the action with fantastic comic timing and originality. A man and woman are shown to remove themselves from the monotony of ordinary life into a world of romance and love, yet with sinister consequences as love is revealed to be ‘too sweet’.

The cast is very strong and the show combines so many types of theatre that it should have something to please everyone, although the storyline moves slowly, often very ambiguously, and is far from conventional. Chotto Ookii picked up Best Newcomer Total Theatre Award a few years ago, and they certainly haven’t lost any of their talent and charm. Sweet provides a great example of actions speaking louder than words, keeping the audience captivated through their physical theatre in a unique style that you’d struggle to find elsewhere on the Fringe.

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