Assembly @ Assembly Hall
9-31 August, 18.35

Tao DrummingHard of hearing? You will be after seeing this show! The pace and energy of this show is unlike anything I have witnessed before, with the drummers being as much athletes as musicians. This show displays a fantastic combination of drumming, music, dance and physical exertion – you need look no further than the drummer’s faces to see that they throw themselves into the rhythm of the performance.

At times the drumming and foot stomping makes the performance as loud and powerful as a war march, and yet the incorporation of flutes and more gentle forms of music and dance do help to soften the inevitably repetitive beat of the drums.

The precision and power of the show is heightened by the infectious smiles and enthusiasm of the performers. With their beautiful costumes and perfectly choreographed martial arts, it’s exhausting just watching the dedication and skill of these entertainers! Everyone in the audience quickly get caught up in the infectious passion of the show. The Tao drumming troupe may be some of the most talented performers on the Fringe, and their show will undoubtedly be a sell-out once again – don’t miss this!

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