Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

The Encounter

The story of National Geographic photographer Loren McKenzie is a truly fascinating one. Dropped into the Amazon jungle in 1969, McIntyre came across the rarely seen Mayoruna tribe and began a transformative journey that would keep him in their presence for three months and involved learning to communicate with them through telepathic ‘beaming’.

Simon McBurney’s Complicite production of the story is about more than that though; human consciousness, morality, climate change and the very fabric of time are put into the heart of this production. The result is an utterly immersive piece of theatre. McBurney pulls you into the depths of McIntyre’s world through the trickery of audio simulation. As sounds shift, what unfolds is a truly personal and compelling journey, one in which your senses can’t fail to be heightened. Must-see.

Words: Kirsty Fraser

Picture: Chloe Courtney