Assembly @ George Street
6–30 August (ex 18), 19.30

The EventMore than another mere event, this is The Event. But don’t expect fizzling fireworks, lacy legged dancers, or acrobats. Instead The Event is a monologue told through the third person.

It’s an initially quick paced and witty performance. We get hints of the performer as merely a vessel for the director’s commands, technicians lighting and writer’s script. Occasionally what appears to be an independent character pokes through – although this too is possibly part of the act.

Past this post-modern performance, the script then indulges in some anti-modern sneering. Twitter, computer games, mobile phones and anything invented after 1800 are all lined up against the wall of Country Philosophising and shot. By a gang of Luddites.

A good performance and an initially interesting idea of using third person to explore personality, however, like every monologue, it relies on clever writing and interesting ideas. Unfortunately the latter was lacking in some tired ideas about the imminent threats of technology.

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