Rob Burnett’s The Fundamentals of Caring is a heartwarming emotional rollercoaster that will leave you unsure of whether to laugh or cry. Paul Rudd plays caregiver to Brit (Craig Roberts), an eighteen year old who suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. The perfectly matched pair infuse their journey to see the ‘world’s deepest pit’ with plenty of sarcasm and wit in a film that beautifully examines parenthood, friendship and mortality.

Rudd is in his element as the hilarious, stand-in father figure in this captivating exploration of human life. Yet his role goes deeper than that, as Rudd brings depth and history to the character, and the audience finds itself rooting for him with genuine glee. However, it’s Roberts’s stand-out performance that brings the film to life, as he injects a life-giving dose of humour into every heart-wrenching moment.

With the comedy genre, there is a danger of falling into clichés and relying on forever recycled jokes and a drawn out storyline. However, The Fundamentals of Caring is cleverly written, allowing the comedy to fall into place and draw the audience further into the characters’ lives.

While Burnett’s film may not seem more than a typical comedy-drama, the story is powerful and the characters comical, making it a successful and enjoyable watch.

Nastassia Sutherland

The Fundamentals of Caring

Thu 16 June, 6.10pm, Cineworld 

Sat 18 June 6.30pm, Filmhouse 1

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