St Peter’s
26-29 August, 19.45

The MiserA basic text that sparkles is complemented by some witty modern additions to make this a thoroughly enjoyable, community-spirited evening.

The change of setting from Molière’s 17th Century to the 20th Century is however, barely discernible; very little attention seems to have been paid to costume, but asides about world events at relevant points (regarding bankers, for example) are an easy way to raise a giggle.

Interludes of Abba’s ‘Money money money’ on piano are sweetly amusing and a panto-style technique of mixing common sayings – “you’ve buttered your bread and now I must lie on it,” and so forth – is surprisingly humorous.

A couple of the actors have great comic delivery, however, as an ensemble the acting is caricatured and highly unconvincing (for example, a man puts hand to forehead to indicate distress).

Moliere’s script is, however, indestructible, and combined with the cast’s almost uniformly confident and clear delivery, a convivial atmosphere is created; with the aid of a few natural comedians in the cast many hearty laughs result.

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