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The Pretty Ones

The Pretty Ones is a documentary from Melisa Liebenthal, about a group of women and their experiences growing up together. As the outsider, Melisa compares her behaviour to that of her friends, creating a commentary on how society can influence women’s actions.

Melisa supposedly “rebels” against the social norm of her time, yet in reality the documentary appears extremely contrived. The film focuses on several issues regarding Melisa, such as her inability to smile in photos. The examples used to convey how the women defied expectations, seem trivial in comparison to the idea of individuality the film attempts to put across.

However, beneath the superficiality of many of these conversations could be an inspiring message for young women to feel confident in their own skin, regardless of societal expectations. Unfortunately, this important message is blurred by materialistic discussions.

The Pretty Ones may have potential for its technical ability and good intentions but it is let down by execution and fails to fully convey the importance of freedom of expression for young women.

Calum North

Mon 20 June, 8.50pm, Cineworld 

Sun 26 June, 8.55pm, Cineworld