Gilded Balloon
5–31 August, 14.45

Rap_Guide_To_EvolutionRichard Dawkins has often been chastised for his Napoleonic approach to intellectual debate. Any academic opponents he meets are destroyed in detail, and as soon as possible.

Another analogy can also be used. Dawkins and his lot are gangsters, with an evolutionary pistol cocked, locked and ready to shove in the face of the creationist massive. It’s along these lines that Baba Brinkman takes us in his Rap Guide to Evolution.

The show is surprisingly in depth when it comes to actually explaining not only Darwin but also ideas about evolutionary psychology. Why, for example, do people commit crimes in the inner cities? Darwin apparently has some answers.

Normally combining education and popular culture results in the audience being let down on both accounts, although this show manages to stay entertaining and informative. It is, however, one to miss if you relish intellectual debate or subscribe to the near heresy of creationism.

A natural progression in the increasingly fraught battles fought around Darwin and God.

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