The Space on The Mile @ The Radisson
7-29 August, 10.30

Tixi and MoxoAn Italian girl is off school, sick. She attempts some English homework. It’s too tricky, so like any Scottish school girl she resorts to the favourite faces of her colouring-in book. Suddenly, the (not-quite-finished-with-white-patches) Tixi appears in living flesh, befriending the forlorn Gusoberta. And not long after, low and behold, a four-armed Moxo (also, white-patched) comes into being. Promising…

Tixi and Moxo are brilliantly eye-catching. But in proceeding to expose a set of ridiculously intricate politics between these egotistical and colourful characters, the performance struggles. The storyline becomes awkwardly confused by Gusoberta herself, and it meets a sticky end. Similarly the superfluous ‘metalinguistic’ comments on English and Italian pronunciations linger unnecessarily. The chase and escape scenes then involve overly calamitous backstage pursuits, but offer a glimpsing amusement. Yet even here the classic ‘he’s behind you’ line is slightly too frustrating.

Just as colours on a canvas seem more vivid when juxtaposed with neutral shades, this theatrical performance could do with some cooler greys. I was promised a ‘colourful adventure’, not exuberant anarchy. In short, it needs room to breath.

An audience of double figures isn’t always a given in the Fringe. So describing itself as an ‘interactive children’s show’ was Compagnia Teatro Instabile’s final gesture of self-stigmatisation: ‘Tixi & Moxo’ relies on a chorus of children to sustain the tale. On this account only, should you bring along your (uninhibited) under fives, if such things exist. Tixi and Moxo’s energy is estimable, and the kids will giggle occasionally. If that’s not enough, there are balloons, confetti, and glitter for all.

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