Describe your show to us.

It’s a show about re-tracing your steps – all the usual really. Expect very poor attempts at seriousness and sincerity for about 3 min somewhere in the middle, either side of HIGHLY relatable stuff on love, doomed romances, music, trying to stop your brain from turning to mush… and learning to accept your mother. I will say it’s a personal show. I use the word ‘I’ more than last year. Which is good.

How does it feel returning to Edinburgh after your success last year?

Oh yes good…I have my bag packed and my lunch box ready…I want it now, next week please…don’t keep me waiting…I’ve peaked too soon…it’s like child birth, I’ve forgotten how painful it is and I want another one now.

What is your top Fringe survival tip?

Eat greens, don’t get pissed more than twice a week, get away from it, swim/sauna/live with outsiders (to comedy not just socially), read books, remember how irrelevant you are and it all is as often as possible. You’re a self-involved moron, keep that in mind, and dance with the inner-bastard, but not too close.

What is the best and worst thing about the festival?

Everyone is in a crisis, it never ends, you discover that you’re not as incredible as you thought. On the good side you see some good stuff, get inspired (darling), have some groovy old shit to look at and walk around, and you’re away from the thrust and clamour of London. It’s kind of like a holiday that should of ended on August 15th but actually never ends…


Tom Ward: Love Machine Just the Tonic at The Tron, 3-27 August (not 14), 3.40pm, from £7


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