Four of the most achingly cool hipster girls you’re ever likely to see take a holiday at the beach – a recipe for crazy hijinks with redneck locals and adventures in recreational drug-taking, one might think. In fact, Vacation! is all this and much more, because one of our heroines is about to end up dead. 

Amazonian lesbian Dee-dee, the object of desire for at least two of the other girls, straight-laced wig-fancier Donna and masturbation freak Lorelai all head to the lonely shores of North Carolina at the insistence of their mousy college friend Sugar. It’s a reunion of sorts for the quartet, having drifted apart post-university, but with pina coladas on tap, a hot tub and a book about serial killer Richard Speck, what could possibly go wrong?

As boredom starts to set in, with the single television channel showing only adverts for colon cleanser, and the one restaurant in town serving nothing but deep-fried seafood, sweet Lorelai attempts to cheer everyone up with a night on acid, bought from the only man around, a sketchy local surfer. Everything gets very weird, very quickly, with giant talking fish, a visit from the colon cleanser salespeople, bright colours and loud noises. It certainly didn’t make me want to expand my mind any time soon.

In this film of a thousand good qualities – including nice performances from all the girls, especially Lydia Hyslop as Lorelai; a funny, sly script and bravura direction from Zach Clark; one thing really stood out: the soundtrack, thick with great tunes by Glass Candy and others, while sudden loud buzzing noises signal impending disaster or comedy. I can’t do it justice on the page, the only way to understand it is to see, and hear, it for yourself.

If you like your comedies dry, hip and witty, with a little bit of death thrown in for good measure, you won’t go far wrong booking a ticket to this Vacation!

Sunday 20th June, 22.00, Filmhouse 1

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