Review: Rocket Girl at Underbelly

Eight-year-old Maisie is a self-proclaimed ‘rocket girl’. She is obsessed with space and her ambition is to become an astronaut.  Her supportive dad charmingly tells her she can be anything she wants to be.

Curious creature Maisie has the spirit of a shooting star but her dreams and passions of going to space are diffused by the opinions around her; her peers do not believe that a girl could ever go to space. Through the use of puppetry, Maisie is puppeteered with precision and the puppeteers work seamlessly to rocket fun into the piece. The ensemble smoothly transitions from storytelling to movement and cluster together to create cosmic and inventive images.

Maisie is tragically sent to live with her aunt who does not adhere well to Maisie’s sense of play and love of running around the house having adventures. Maisie is sent to an all girl’s preparatory school where her ambitions and dreams plummet even further. Object manipulation is inventively and amusingly used to portray the taunting school girls. The ensembles blue NASA suits and the use of torch lights create a glowy and playful world that is very inviting.

The piece twinkles with space facts, colourful characters and touching moments. It is a show that will charm all of the family. ‘Rocket girl’ is a wonderful physical piece of storytelling that refreshingly swaps cliché dreams of being a princess for much more exciting dreams that reach into space!

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