Review: Denim: The Denim Juniors at Assembly George Square Gardens

Denim’s message is loud and clear: be yourself and have a whole lot of fun doing it!

Glitter, fake snow, bright costumes, positive messages and powerful voices are just some of the things Denim bring to their drag show for juniors, along with a whole lot of energy, fun and a cheeky sense of humour. Everything is sung live — that’s right, no lip-syncing — and each queen is more than up to the task. It also helps that they are backed by an excellent live three-piece band, which gives them all the flexibility they need to stay responsive and interactive with their young audience. The queens move freely among the audience, and at one point even choose audience members to participate in a ‘release your inner drag queen’ makeover.

Dealing with questions of identity, gender and religion might seem overly ambitious at a kids show, but Denim handle the material admirably. There’s a story about a little fish who learns how to embrace their true self, and a particularly moving rendition of  Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’ that got the crowd singing along and saw kids of all ages make their way to the stage to join in. True to a great drag show there are double meanings and witty asides galore to entertain the parents, but everything is very age appropriate.

If the children attending were initially confused and unsure of what they were watching, by the end they have fallen in love with the five unique diva characters before them. Working seamlessly as one pop super-group, Denim brings something special for every child and plenty of fun for the parents, too.

Denim: The Denim Juniors, Assembly George Square Gardens, 5-19 Aug (not 13), 4.35pm

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