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Love to Love to Love You

August 28th, 2014 | by edfest
Love to Love to Love You

This piece of new writing by Florence Keith-Roach reimagines Arthur Schnitzler’s lascivious farce La Ronde in the context of 1970s disco. Keith-Roach inverts the gender dynamic, so that the vignettes centre on female sexual triumphs. In this way Love to Love to Love You challenges Schnitzler’s chauvinistic hedonism, whilst also suggesting ways in which similar values were appropriated and modified in the second decade of the sexual revolution.

The production, though with a contemporary setting, pays loving homage to the nauseating glamour of disco, with everything either lilac, Formica or spangled. The six performers similarly evoke a kind of slinky sassiness that hovers over the border between sexy and sickening. Between scenes they fix eyes with audience members and accompany seminal disco tracks with private dances.

Love to Love to Love You is an entertaining and thought provoking hour of theatre.
Words: Luke Davies

Love to Love to Love You, Royal Over-Seas League, 18 Aug – 21 Aug, 19:00