Florence Welch will be invoking the power of nature to lend extra magic to her performance at the Edinburgh Summer Sessions


The pre-Raphaelite drama queen of the pop world, Florence Welch might just find the perfect backdrop for her elemental music in Edinburgh Castle and Castle Rock when Florence + the Machine take the stage as one of the headliners of Edinburgh Summer Sessions.

“I love performing outside,” says Welch. “It’s as if the heavens are open and the elements become part of the show as well – you know, the wind and the rain and the thunder. It’s almost as if there’s a sense of invocation in performance.” Expanding on her own theme, Welch is a livewire lightning rod, conducting energy and communicating her great love of life through her concerts.

“I just get excited by music,” she says. “It releases endorphins in your body, and I think that adrenaline really helps to make the songs fresh every time. I have this sensation of being in flight all the time, and everything’s a big crescendo.”

Welch has been delivering those crescendos consistently for the past decade, though her 2018 album High As Hope was a conscious effort to dial down the bombast. She followed up earlier this year with the soulful single ‘Moderation’ – not a quality that Welch would claim for herself – and, more recently, she was the natural choice to record the song ‘Jenny of Oldstones’ for the final season of Game of Thrones.

“Celtic music has always been in my blood,” she says, “so I felt like I could do something with it,” she says. “The magic and ritual in Game of Thrones, not to mention the costumes, have always appealed to me.

“I’ve got my ideal job. I like to sing, I like to dance, I like to bang drums and dress up, and someone pays me – it’s incredible.”

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