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Review: Teenage Fanclub at Leith Theatre

Review: Teenage Fanclub at Leith Theatre

 The sold-out 1400 capacity Leith Theatre was the setting for the mass middle-aged reunion soundtracked by Teenage Fanclub. In an age of bands from your youth shattering all nostalgia with dull as dishwater live shows, there was perhaps one or two with a sense of trepidation that the same might occur here. 

Within the first few seconds of ‘Start Again’, it was clear there was no such disappointment to be found. Teenage Fanclub are a cut above many of their peers, It’s evident they still love what they do and they ensure the feeling’s mutual with the congregation that turned out in their numbers. Crucially, they’re still performing memorable songs such as ‘Metal Baby’ and ‘The Concept’ with the same level of musicality, nailing every note as they did twenty-eight years ago.

It wasn’t just a showcase of old material, new song ‘Everything is Falling Apart’ was an early highlight and fully deserves its place in the setlist.

Closing the curtain on the night with first single ‘Everything Flows, the band mirrored the audience’s smiles on a special night for all in attendance. For devout fans of Teenage Fanclub, this was a memorable and near-flawless evening. For newcomers, it was a perfect introduction to a highly influential band that near thirty years later are still producing exciting music. 

Special mention to the venue too as the sound throughout was majestic and is well on the way to becoming one of the cities finest for live music.