Review: This Is The Kit at Leith Theatre for EIF

The voices of Rozi Plain and This is the Kit are quiet yet incredibly powerful. At once raw, intimate and sweet, they make an immediate connection with the listener, shrinking the world down to a den-like space delineated by their tender lyrics.  Having only seen their music in much smaller venues, the Leith Theatre seemed a challenge. 

For Rozi Plain’s supporting set, this was to an extent true. Her clear voice was somewhat lost in the cavernous hall. However, she maintained a casual stage presence, interacting with the immediate audience milling around her feet. 

For This is the Kit, the numbers swelled, filling the space so it no longer felt disproportioned. Her heartbreaking songs were accompanied by a light set that was transformational, somehow creating a cosy space, then washing over the ornate ceiling like we were underwater. In the encore, there was even a moment where this, the quietest, calmest of music, gained a rock star moment, all spotlights and flashes and reverbed guitar. 

Whilst it was exciting to see much-loved music in a new light, the songs resonated most when delivered with Kate’s calm command. ‘Bashed Out’ and ‘Bullet Proof’ were met with moments of quiet as the audience was transported, followed by rapturous applause. A beautiful show, restorative and emotional, fueled by the generosity of spirit evident in Kate, Rozi and the rest of the band.

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