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Myra DuBois: Self AdMyra

August 19th, 2016 | by lidia
Myra DuBois: Self AdMyra

Celebrating the inappropriate side of the comedic scene, Myra DuBois’ bang on witticisms will leave the acid in your stomach jittering as your body literally shakes at her vicious hilarious humour.

With all the glamour and sass of ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ you will soon become a fellow ‘AdMyra’ of Myra. She showcases her many talents including novel-writing, game show hosting, singing, physical theatre renditions and most of all, her comedic timing that never misses a beat. From the egotistical subject of herself to current affairs, Myra will make you think deeply even in the midst of mirth.

As she shoos you away from the theatre you’ll be left frantically recommending her to anyone that will listen, already jealous of those who have yet to experience the dazzling, fabulous, exquisite Myra DuBois.

Words: Perrine Davari

Myra DuBois: Self AdMyra, The Gilded Balloon, Aug 3-28 (not 15), 9.15pm