From Genghis Khan’s self-help book, to teenage mutant ninja tortoises, these young comedians will take the audience on a trip through the weird and random parts of their minds, showing their versatility as they seamlessly jump from one character to the next.

Some acts may be hindered by this kind of stripped back, low budget performance, without any big production help to rely on, however, the small venue and minimalism of this show added to the charm. The great chemistry and talent among the actors made them a pleasure to watch in such a low key environment, and despite some clumsier moments and an overdependence on stereotypes at times, the show was very enjoyable.

23, Please: The Sketch Show That Never Was is not perfect, but even with its shortcomings it’s very clear that these fresh comedians are certainly moving in the right direction.  

Words: Mariana Mercado

23, Please: The Sketch Show That Never Was, C Nova, Aug 3-29 (not 16), 8:35pm

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