Robert Lepage’s creation 887 is a truly unique experience: a combination of film, models, and spoken word which transports the audience into his childhood in Quebec. Lepage explores the origins of theatre in both his own memory and in general. Certainly, he himself has the air of early storyteller: suspending our immediate reality and catching us in the enchantment of the tale as it unfolds. Lepage’s memories suffuse the area of the theatre and become a collective experience due to the physical urgency of the performance. His models enliven a sense of curiosity and playfulness, which is combined with the darker knowledge of political upheaval that also exists during the time that he was growing up.

Clearly reflecting the reality of complex memories of a childhood where innocence exists alongside violence, 887 is an enlightening masterpiece.

Words: Ursula Fleming

887, Edinburgh International Conference Centre, 13th-23rd August, 2:30/ 7:30 pm

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