An ambitious take on the life of Thomas Paine, Dominic Allen’s solo performance tells the enthralling tale of a common man’s life as a journalist, political activist and his fairly under-reported life as an inventor – specifically: bridges.

From becoming one of America’s founding fathers, to inciting the French Revolution, to his struggle to have his iron bridge invention approved, the play explores the many tragedies and adventures of Paine’s life.

Allen dominates the stage, bursting with life and able to perform with an incredible dramatic aptitude; flawlessly capturing the essence of Paine, pouring authentic emotion from the writing into his performance. The writing itself is compelling and dramatic, which translates perfectly into the play.

An unmissable performance wrought with real passion and wonderfully engaging from start to finish.

Words: Calum Wilson

A Common Man: The Bridge That Tom Built, C Venues – C Nova, Aug 26-29 (not 27), 8:15pm

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