A Good Clean Heart is a stunning play about two brothers – one raised in London, the other in west Wales – reconnecting, despite vastly different upbringings.

This play pulls off its unique bilingualism with remarkable ease. It only takes a few minutes to adjust to reading the subtitled translation of the Welsh lines. In fact, with its excellent writing and acting, this production is so much more than its bilingual aspect.

The projections of online messaging and karaoke lyrics bring a fantastically real and light-hearted element to the play and are smoothly integrated by the two actors. James Ifan and Oliver Wellington’s performances are truly brilliant. They switch between playing the two brothers and other characters with amazing clarity, succeeding in developing the mother character particularly strongly.

An emotional rollercoaster of a play, A Good Clean Heart is a moving story of the strength of family bonds, no matter the cultural barriers.

Words: Dugald Johnson

A Good Clean Heart, Underbelly Cowgate, 4-28 August, 6.40pm

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