Parisien born dancer Sylvie Guillem is saying goodbye. After thirty nine years at the top, she’s bowing out in style. Life in Progress, where she beautifully brings four pieces to life on stage, showcases her unrivalled talent. Amongst them are two UK premiere’s – Akram Khan’s “Techne” and Russell Maliphant’s “Here and After”.

Scuttling from the darkness, “Techne” is dark but ever so graceful. It finds the dance pro saturated in pale moonlight and bursting with expression and motion.

“Here and After” throws contemporary shapes and sees Guillem joined by Emanuela Montanari, the first time Guillem has partnered with a woman. Light bathes the two as they synchronise and stretch in harmony. It feels like we’re being introduced to a strong contender to Guillem’s throne.

The night ends touchingly on “Bye”, Mats Ek’s comedic and quirky farewell. As Guillem takes her final bow, you can’t help but feel emotional it’s over.

Word: Kirsty Fraser

Sylvie Guillem – Life in Progress, Festival Theatre, 8-10 August, 7.30pm

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