A Pocketful of Grimms takes you on a magical fairy tale journey from Hansel & Gretel to Rumpelstiltskin. The four actors in this play are very professional and full of animation. They get right into telling and acting out the stories as you’re taking your seat.

The venue is compact and slightly warm, so take something to drink and snacks for the kids as the show is over lunch time. My son, who’s five, loved this show and sat with his eyes glued to the action throughout. Even my seven month old daughter couldn’t look away. The show lasts around an hour, with each fairy tale told over maybe 15 minutes, and since there’s such variety there’s no chance of your kids getting bored.

There’s even some audience interaction and my son and husband were chosen to join in, very good fun. Highly recommended for all the family.

Words: Laura Nelson

A Pocketful of Grimms, Gilded Balloon, 17-31 August (not 18, 24), 12.30pm

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