Starbursts at the door sweeten the audience into the frame of laughter before the show has even begun. Racing Minds wittily engage the public into their act by picking their brains for words to inspire the story of the day. This spectacle of improvised comedy will surely keep you entertained for an hour, although you might find yourself tittering more at the actors’ amusing blunders rather than the jokes themselves.

Yet it is undeniably a remarkable feat that their quick-thinking humour results in a seamless ending where each comedic line falls into place and, suddenly, it all makes sense. The suitability of the show ‘for all’ may be questionable, but the adults do not seem to mind, giggling uncontrollably while their children remain unaware. Be wise and expect the unexpected, for each show will never be the same twice.

Words: Perrine Davari

Racing Minds: Aaaand Now For Something Completely Improvised, Pleasance Dome, 7-31 August, 12.00pm

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