In his latest one-man show Aatificial Intelligence, British Pakistani comedian Aatif Nawaz is an engaging and charismatic presence, which results in an easygoing and fluid audience interaction.

The show centres on the worst advice Nawaz has ever received. However, he also touches on a variety of issues, the two most prominent being how he is often recruited by the media as a representative for the Muslim community and the effect of marriage on his relationship with his wife.

Aside from one over-extended section on American stereotypes, Nawaz manages to effectively cover multiple tangents within his show whilst keeping the audience laughing.

Aatificial Intelligence is a consistently hilarious show that is a must-see if you are looking for comedy in this final week of the Fringe.

Words: Adam Thornton

Aatif Nawaz: Aatificial Intelligence, The Newsroom, 23-28th August, 8.45pm

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