About A Girl is told through the eyes of a troubled young man as he attempts to translate his story into film. At times the play is suspenseful, but at others it falls flat and awkward.

It can be difficult to translate one medium into another, and the concept for About A Girl  may be a little over-ambitious. As a theatre production about a man who slowly loses his mind through guilt and becomes haunted by his mistakes, it could be a well developed and haunting tale, performed well by such a young cast.

However, the show is let down by its attempt to place the story in the pretence of a film set. This distracts from the original story and seems unnecessary.

A play with so much potential that is trying to be too clever, About A Girl is interesting but in need of some refinement.

Words: Nastassia Sutherland

About A Girl, TheSpace Triplex, Aug 24-28, 5pm

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