Former Best Newcomer Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee Adam Hess returns to the Fringe with his new hilariously jam packed show, Cactus. From the moment he bursts on stage, Hess hurtles through non-stop joke after joke with the energy of a comedian in his prime and only getting better. Taking inspiration from his childhood and even adulthood diaries, Hess rattles through life’s awkward moments and coming to terms with a break-up in the most hilarious yet poignant way.

What is so refreshing about Hess’ comedy is quite simply his onstage energy; reminiscent of the late Rik Mayall, he combines physically animated comedy with punchy anecdotes in an energetic assault on the funny bone. For all that Hess flits from story to story, Cactus remains focused on his split from his girlfriend, his struggles with his dyslexia and understanding love, and his inability to be himself when trying to impress. Hess capitalises on the crippling fear of social interaction that has become a modern day affliction and his comedy is relatable, down to earth and quite touching. I won’t spoil the end, but it’s impossible not to feel connected to Hess as you join him on this journey of self-discovery.

It’s hard to think of any other comedian who can rattle out so many hilarious jokes per minute with the flare that Adam Hess possesses.

Words: Claire Jack

Adam Hess: Cactus, Heroes @ The Hive, Aug 9-27, 6pm

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