This show may not be Grammy award winning, but it is well worth a visit.

You’re in your late twenties and you’ve never been in love, or written the fastest selling album of all time, you may as well be obsolete. What on Earth do you do when you realise your life is a pity in comparison to Adele? Write a hilarious musical comedy and take it to the Fringe. This is exactly what Sally O’Leary and Rhiannon Neads have done and the results are quite impressive.

The songs, whilst not sung by Adele, are witty and surprisingly not all about being unlucky in love. There’s some real variation in the style of their music, which makes the show well paced and exciting.

This is a heart-warming show, by two ordinary girls. The comic timing, impeccable and in true Fringe fashion, wonderful puns thrown in, gives the performance tremendous character.

Words: Katie McKenzie

Adele is Younger Than Us, C Venues: C Nova, Aug 23-29, 2.30pm

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