An hour of emotional stand-up comedy, Ahir Shah delivers an insightful show at this year’s Fringe.

Accompanying his self-depreciating, sarcastic style of humour, Shah ponders over a wide range of topics; from depression to alcoholism, to religious extremism and racism. He discusses a culture that allows history to repeat itself, preventing us from ever fully developing, which is extraordinarily thought-provoking.

A deep-thinking, intelligent man with a hint of controversy and dark humour, Ahir Shah provides a powerful yet comedic hour of entertainment. His recounting of his personal experience in Paris during the November shootings is a darkly wonderful piece that so adroitly manages to amuse and amaze.

The show is a worthwhile visit for a stand-up show unlike any other and an exceptionally memorable experience. Shah will also be returning to Edinburgh on the 14th of September as part of his Machines tour.

Words: Calum Wilson

Ahir Shah: Machines, Laughing Horse @ Cabaret Voltaire, Aug 23-28, 1:30pm

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