All the Fun

All the Fun celebrates uselessness with balls and pins, creatively reimagining circus at its most playful. Drum rolls and spotlights are replaced with a spellbinding score and a ring of filament lightbulbs, ornate costumes and carefully choreographed sequences with simple white clothing and a complex series of games.

This is existential theatre that the whole family can enjoy. Cie Ea Eo may pose questions about life or death, but in the end the only meaning they affirm is in the art of play. Their tribute to uselessness beautifully illustrates the creation of meaning, abstract victories and unclear rules, provoking an undeniable competitive fervor and mesmerizing physical theatre. In one game, the performers balance one pin atop another and face each other off, trying to knock their opponent’s pin off before they lose fragile control over their own.

Meditations on plastic, the nature of balance and the mysterious rave profiles are the subject of dialogue, but most of the action is narrated only by the score. Each new game or segment is unexpected. It’s not just twists and turns but a brilliant imaginative whimsy that deftly defies expectation.

Though it may seem strange at first, you will immediately find yourself immersed in this otherworldly production. The banter isn’t a new way to frame the same old circus. Rather, this impressive production is a unique, inventive way to beautifully convey a profound sense of play. In this circus, the fun is infectious.

Words: Emily Hall

All the Fun, Underbelly Circus Hub on the Meadows, Aug 4-26, 4pm

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