Andrew Maxwell delivers top quality Irish comedy year after year at the Fringe and 2017 is no different. Following up last year’s Slight Return, Showtime is the comedian at the top of his game. He’s at it again with his hunger for knowledge, spending too much time reading the news and, like the rest of us, he has a few things to say about recent events.

Maxwell admittedly reflects on a popular topic of many acts gracing the festival this year: current day politics. From the tragedy and voyeurism of terrorism, to Theresa May, election fails and of course a snippet of Trump, these aren’t particularly original subjects. However, this is where Maxwell shines as a comedian – in his ability to bring hilarious comedic flare to even the grimmest topics. Showtime is both thoroughly entertaining and full of intelligence from a clever comedian who evokes passion for his subject matter and the will for change and education through his comedy. At times he brings the audience to complete reflective silence and others, roaring laughter, showing the power comedy can have. Maxwell holds nothing back and leaves no subject without his quick witted ramblings. No one is safe but everyone is in stitches.

Showtime unifies audiences and attitudes in a time full of segregation. No matter what your political views or background, he will have you discussing and laughing long after the show is over. If there’s anyone that can bring original comedy from this year’s events, it’s Andrew Maxwell.

Words: Nastassia Sutherland

Picture: Steve Ullathorne

Andrew Maxwell: Showtime, Assembly George Square Theatre, 3-27 Aug (not 14), 9pm

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