Andrew Ryan may describe himself as yet another Irish story-teller, but his show is much more than just a collection of stories. Through keen observational comedy, the London-based comedian ponders his life and the decisions that led him to leave Ireland and seek to make a living in the United Kingdom.

The writing explores topics such as weird turns of phrase, Brexit, climbing up the property ladder, and coming up with the perfect come-back at someone’s insults, with Ryan skipping through these distinct topics seamlessly while still interconnecting them all.

This endearing comedy show sees Ryan rant about anti-immigration sentiments, which are both hilarious and painfully accurate – though non-native English speakers may find the speed of his delivery hard to understand. These fast-paced rants, however, don’t last too long before the speech of the comedian slows down into a more accessible level.

With funny interactions with the audience, Ryan regularly interrupts his stories to find out more about the people that have come to see him, a feat that helps him also demonstrate his improvisational skills, before jumping back into the story at hand. These interactions with the audience do interrupt the flow of the act a little, but the disjointed moments can be forgiven since he also utilises the opportunities to thank everyone who has come to see him, and the fact that the show is held at a tiny lecture room helps him build intimacy with the audience.

Both cathartic and funny, Did You Get Here Alright? is a charming and uplifting outlook on some of today’s bleaker affairs.

Words: Mariana Mercado

Andrew Ryan: Did You Get Here Alright?, Assembly George Square, Aug 12-27, 6.45pm

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