Andrew Ryan might not be the most avant-garde of comedians but his show is what you expect and also what you might want.

It deals with topics like family, gluten free lifestyles and chants at the Euros, which hardly break any boundaries. It’s a standard comedy show if you like, there are no surprises and no real teeth, but it’s always lovable and honest. The sort of thing that’s accessible to all and deserves credit for that.

His tales of early life, of school in particular, have plenty of charm and his slightly less conventional look at self-help books and the work of Paul Mckenna, is a deft and unexpected bit of stand-up.

Essentially, Ryan is a bankable comedian that would play well in most rooms, making his show endearing, light and very agreeable. Unfortunately, it’s just not quite near enough to the cutting edge to make a real mark at the Fringe.

Words: Tom Crosby

Andrew Ryan: Ruined, Assembly George Square, Aug 16-28, 7:50pm

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