If, somehow, you’re looking for a show that combines a cowboy poet, a sleazy theatre director and L Ron Hubbard, then Andy Daly’s Monsters Take your Questions is the very specific show for you. Daly presents three very different but all equally eccentric characters who tell you a little bit about themselves, and then take your questions. Finally, a show that allows us to ask the long dead time-travelling founder of Scientology what his favourite breakfast food is (spoiler: it’s little black pills).

Andy Daly is a master of entertainment. The first five minutes of introduction throws you in at the highly surreal deep end, and leaves you to wonder whether the water is a shape-shifter. Each of the characters is as compelling as the next, leaving the audience scarcely able to stop for breath. Daly also appears to have as much fun on stage as the audience do watching. There is no sense of awkwardness, or of holding back from taboo or controversial subjects. Unnervingly confident and extremely funny, Monsters Take your Questions is a non-stop laugh out loud stand-up that does not disappoint. If I had any criticism, it’s that the show rushes a little at the end, which will inevitably improve greatly after previews.

If you want to see a brilliant American character comedian struggle to understand questions from a Scottish audience, than book tickets as soon as possible.

Words: Catriona Davidson

Andy Daly: Monsters Take Your Questions, Gilded Balloon Teviot, Aug 3-13, 8.30pm

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