Andy Zaltzman is like watching The Nutty Professor blended with the politico uncle you only see at Christmas and family gatherings: surly and erratic but ultimately a paragon of wisdom and sarcasm. If his zany hair is anything to go by, his comedy is just as unconventional – to the point of bringing a 3D model of Donald Trump’s brain for a two-man skit.

The mostly liberal crowd does not stop him from playing devil’s advocate. Neither does it stop an audience member refreshing Zaltzman on his facts, before he goes so far as to open up the show to audience questions that have previously been emailed in which he responds to with intelligence and irony.

The set is mostly tongue-in-cheek, and while there’s a few slightly distracting intervals where he checks back on his laptop, Zaltzman captures the audience straight away. This is a large ask, considering he is pondering the fate of the world and idle participatory politics whilst teasing out the delicious curiosity of what might happen in today’s political climate, but it works.

Not every part of the show is wrapped in political severity, it must be said; an array of one-liners pull up the horror of Michael Bay films and a promise of more-or-less new material every show allows for audience participation to mould a new performance each time.  With some technical glitches, as to be expected, Zaltzman nevertheless flourishes in his own particular brand of factual and erratic comedy.

Words: Mikey Glancy

Andy Zaltzman: Satirist for Hire, The Stand Comedy Club, Aug 17-27, 3pm

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