A seasoned Fringe performer, Angela Barnes’ third solo show sees the comedian hitting her stride and only getting better.

Barnes has never been afraid to rip the plaster off and candidly open herself up to an audience, but her 2017 show, Fortitude, feels like a comedian who is now refreshingly comfortable with her position in life, even if that means owning up to being lost in a Peter Pan Generation.

Self-admittedly, Fortitude is not a typical ‘midlife crisis’ show. Rather, Barnes weaves recent political events into tales of personal introspection, and ultimately embraces her position in life with humour and enthusiasm. Her musings are real, brave and extremely down to earth. This is reflected in the audience demographic who range from early twenties to late sixties – or, as Barnes states, anyone who is in the ‘worn out section of society’ or anyone who really is lost in the ever building pressure to grow up and become a ‘proper adult’.

What could be a tired out tirade about middle age and the fear of getting old turns out to be a gloriously big hearted show about embracing life, even if that means no marriage, no children and no ‘real job’. After all, Fortitude is about finding strength and courage in the face of great adversary, even if that adversary is the slowly creeping hands of age and responsibility.

Words: Claire Jack

Angela Barnes: Fortitude, Pleasance Courtyard, Aug 2-27, 7.15pm

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