If Patsy Stone moonlighted as a cabaret singer, Anya Anastasia is the beautiful and bizarre result. Parodying traditional cabaret with laugh out loud lyrics and an impressive vocal range to boot, Anastasia’s Rogue Romantic discusses the insanity of love, relationships and sex.

Backed up by a highly talented all-female band, Anastasia delivers a tragic, and at times all too familiar, image of an independent woman desperate for codependence. Not one to be overshadowed, she too demonstrates her musical skills through piano, ukulele, and most impressively, playing maracas duct taped to her ankles.

Anastasia is a strange combination of alluring and clinically insane. Her interactions with the audience are witty and sensual, whilst also conveying the character’s scarily intense need for affection. She’s a wonderful performer, and one who clearly demonstrates a love for her audience and of her own performance.

Due to the operatic quality of her voice, there were times when it was difficult to discern exactly what was said, which in turn affected how the punchlines were received. There are a couple of technical issues that need to be ironed out, though these will be easily fixed in previews.

If you’re searching for a smaller show filled with lust, laughter and the chance to fall in love, then Rogue Romantic is the show for you. Just don’t bring the kids to this one.

Words: Catriona Davidson

Anya Anastasia, Assembly Checkpoint, Aug 3-27, 7.30pm

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