If you’re looking for a show that’s light-hearted, entertaining and fun for all the family then Attrape Moi is the way to go. It’s the Quebec based Flip Fabrique’s first year at the fringe and they’re already wowing large crowds with incredible acrobatics, humour, hula hooping and crazy juggling skills.

The show has the air of a group of friends mucking around and integrates fun sketches like the Popsicle race or leaping about the stage underneath sleeping bags, with impressive physicality.

Just when you think the stunts couldn’t get more impossible, there will be handstands, hula hooping and parkour doubling up with an astounding finale. You’ll leave the venue feeling exhilarated and wanting to let loose – definitely a show to see if you want to make the most of the Fringe.

Words: Donna Foulis
Photo: Benoit Lemait

Attrape Moi, Assembly Hall, 5-29 August (not 22), 6pm

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