The standout aspect of Australian performing trio Aunty Donna is their seemingly never-ending energy. This not only enables them to jump from one frantic routine to the next without a pause, it also enables the three to consistently keep the audience engaged and entertained for the hour.

The majority of Aunty Donna’s sketches are silly, off-beat and hilarious – two particular include an increasingly surreal phone call with Virgin Mobile customer service and an encounter with renowned psychic John Edward. However, there are moments where the relentless enthusiasm of the performers becomes overbearing, resulting in a few sketches losing their potential impact due to the overacting of one or more of the trio. Despite this, Aunty Donna is well worth seeing if you crave comedy that’s high on energy and big on laughs.

Words: Adam Thornton

Aunty Donna: New Show, Gilded Balloon Teviot, Aug 27-29, 10pm

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