Improvisation is a favourite genre of performance art in the world of theatre today. With more and more improvisation based shows coming to the Fringe Festival every year, it can be hard to decide which one will be worth your time and money.

From the genius and twisted minds behind Thrones: The Musical comes another exciting and brave show. The cast of Baby Wants Candy daringly create a musical from the outrageous suggestions of the audience, and boy do they deliver!

Despite the fact that some performers are evidently better improvisers, the talented and creative company of actors create such energy from the moment they enter the stage that everyone in the crowd is hooked.

With an audience that demands high entertainment, the hard work and quick thinking of the performers – along with the also improvised music from their extremely skilled live band – is imperative. In return for their efforts, they are paid with roaring laughter and hyperactive involvement from the spectators.

Regardless of any hiccups and the messiness that comes with improvisation, Baby Wants Candy is a show worthy of its success. If you enjoy bizarre and loud comedy, then this show is suited to your every need.

Words: Miriam Larrainzar

Picture: Alex Elena

Baby Wants Candy: The Completely Improvised Full Band Musical, Assembly George Square Studios, Aug 2-27, 9.30pm

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