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Bang! To The Heart

Be transported into the streets of suburbia as you witness brothers in a gang battle things out through complex breakdancing and an original soundtrack.

The impressive dance routines are accompanied by wonderful digital projections surrounding an ever-changing stage, making this a very busy and immersive show. While the performance benefits from its professional production, the choreography was at times a little messy and the plot rather unoriginal, following the simplistic trope of boy vs boy to get the girl.

But even with its somewhat disappointing narrative, Bang! To the Heart features very strong dancers, incredible athleticism and superb music, making it a fast, fresh and highly entertaining show.

The atmosphere of the dance, enhanced by the creative stage design and the music,  make this a show well worth watching.

Words: Mariana Mercado

Bang! To The Heart, Zoo Southside, Aug 5-29 (not 10, 15, 22), 10:20pm