BARBU pushes the limits of what is possible. At no point do you trust the deceivingly simple juggling, let alone the human towers and flips the performers pull off. It shouldn’t work, but it does. And, when it does, you can feel the relief of the audience almost as much as that of the four burly bearded men and their lady counterparts on stage.

A rocky start made the success of the second half even more immense. The humour started, the clothes came off and audience participation created the perfect late evening atmosphere.

A magician and his hamster add a touch of the bizarre that grows weirded as the show unfolds, yet what’s not to love about gyrating hips, tiny underwear and a band whose music reflect the angst and amazement of the audience at every turn?

All the way from Montreal, BARBU is thoroughly enjoyable entertainment; a must for extravagant circus lovers.

Words: Jessica McFadyen

BARBU Electro Trad Cabaret, Underbelly Circus Hub, 12-29 August (not 18), 9.50pm

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