Black is the Colour of My Voice offers a powerful insight into the pain and drive behind the black civil rights movement.

The audience joins Apphia Campbell on a minimal bedroom set. She doesn’t leave her room during an intimate conversation with her father, and while she’s inspired by the life of Nina Simone, this story explores the individual plight of Mina Bordeaux and captures multiple characters in her life.

Switching characters in such a way creates layers of emotions that, as an audience member, you gladly absorb. The music is an integral part of the performance, so it’s no surprise that Campbell’s talent reached the realms of sensational when she sang.

Truly engaging and deeply passionate, this hour is the gem amongst the midst of the Fringe.

Words: Jessica McFadyen

Black is the Colour of My Voice, Gilded Balloon, 20-31 August, 1.15pm

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